The ensemble-averaged turbulence diffusivity profiles for each of 5 datasets are shown below. Estimates of ensemble mean TKE dissipation rate (epsilon) and 95% confidence intervals were done in depth using 50-m bins. The turbulence diffusivity was calculated using a buoyancy gradient estimated over the corresponding 50-m interval and a mixing efficiency parameter of 0.2. A 3-bin running average was applied to each ensemble diffusivity profile.


BBTRE (green), NATRE (grey), LADDER (blue), and GRAVILUCK (pink). An additional ensemble profile from the Tongue of The Ocean, TOTO (red), a very quiet region of the Bahamas.

An ascii file consisting of a matrix with 5 columns contains the parameters for depth (m), mean epsilon (W/kg), lower conf epsilon (W/kg), upper conf epsilon (W/kg), and buoyancy frequency (N^2; s-2). The binned diffusivity estimates are calculated as k_rho=0.2/N^2.

Those interested in obtaining the non ensemble-averaged data in MATLAB.mat format should send an email to

All data featured on this page were the result of multi-investigator efforts. The microstructure data collection for BBTRE, LADDER, and GRAVILUCK was sponsored by the US National Science Foundation. The microstructure data collection for NATRE and TOTO was sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research.